Recently, attention is paid to saying that “intestines” are beautiful.

In Thailand it is thought that visceral organs are responsible for emotion from ancient times, by arranging the intestines and internal organs said to control hormones, emotions, and immune system, the constitution from the inside improved, a healthy body grew up, emotional release , It promotes detox effect.

90 min 7700yen
Deals ♪ Four tickets 4 times 26400yen

As an effect of Chinaisan,

· Constipation · Improve digestive function

· Detox effect of internal organs

· Relaxation of stiffness of neck, shoulder, waist

· Better sleep

· Relaxation of discomfort accompanied by menstrual irregularity / physiology

· Stable relaxation and emotional stability

It is said that there is.

Thai warming up massage

Herb ball

Chinaisan (cardiovascular therapy)

I recommend you to receive Chinaisan five times in a row.

It is because it becomes difficult to understand the effect if too much space becomes available.

We also sell good deals tickets, so please contact us for details.

※ Chinaisan will be a menu only for female customers.