-U-fai(Thai herb treatment)

Uphay(Thai herb treatment)

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Uphai (postpartum care) using knowledge of herbal remedies has been inherited for a long time.

Although it was regarded as a treatment to help healthy people who become new mothers,

Not only after childbirth, there was also an effect to eliminate coldness peculiar to women, especially coldness around the uterus,

It is effective for prevention of women’s specific diseases

It is also said.

It is also very effective for removing menstrual pain, muscle pain, especially back pain. In case

We will recommend it not only to postpartum women but also to those who have troubles unique to women such as menstrual pain and PMS.

In the country where traditional culture remains, from long ago, by caring for the body after childbirth, it is said that child rearing that begins breastfeeding, the next birth, and as a woman can attract attractive age, various traditional medicine Treatment has been produced.

“Uphai” is one of traditional medicine that has been held in Thailand.

It is a treatment for women who helps restore the body by balancing the four elements of the body (fire, water, wind, soil) while warming the body by the power of herbs and heat.

By warming up the body cold due to the loss of blood at birth, over time and effectively, and borrowing the power of herbs,

Helps to eliminate adverse dew, to restore body temperature adjustment function, helps to restore body weight, beautiful skin effect

It is a treatment that delights the body after childbirth, such as.

From the 7th day after birth (in case of surgical operation section 30 days after) to 60 days,

By receiving treatment continuously, it is said that waste products can be prevented from being reabsorbed, the effect is enhanced, and it is said that it can overcome with good conditions such as menopausal period afterwards.


1 . Relax the whole body with oil treatment (about 40 minutes)



Thai style warming up massage wearing clothes (about 40 minutes)


2. Steam and heat the organic herb ball and approach the whole body muscle with proper pressure.

The feeling that it acts on back pain and muscle fatigue and the ingredient of the herb gently soaks her body when pushed against the body is a feeling that it will give out a voice.

3. Enter the steam sauna of organic herb of Thai herbal tent.

※ Herb sauna, those who passed more than one month after birth, those who surgical operation  will take a bath after two months of birth.

Wrapped in a deep sense of security that the whole body is immersed in the energy of plants, waste products in the body are discharged pleasantly, refreshing both mentally and physically.

The expected effect,


· It becomes easy to return to the original shape

· Skinny skin

· Inflammation of the chest, amount of breast milk

Herbal sauna takes about 10 to 15 minutes

A pleasant sweat flows from the body, it is very refreshing.

Customers who are not good at sauna are trying to be comfortable because they are in a herbal tent kept at an appropriate temperature, unlike ordinary saunas.

※ For herbal sauna, because of a strong detox course, the following people are allowed to withhold.

If you are not feeling well, people with high blood pressure, people with inflammation of the chest and fever, pregnant one

It is aimed at raising “metabolism” by using abundant herbs and heat.

The result is said to appear as a detox effect in skin, weight, hair quality, size etc in about one month.

Herbs for herb sauna and herbs of herb balls are imported directly from Thailand.

Uphai (postpartum care) will be a menu only for female customers.