-therapist info

Therapist: Hiroko


Hobbies: body board, snowboard, drive, domestic / overseas travel, music appreciation, movie appreciation, DVD appreciation (recent Korean drama), soap making, fortune telling,  dance music and dance, etc.

I have many hobbies.

Personality: I love dogs, I love cats, I love animals, and I don’t think too much.

They are often said to be masculine and male-like, but they are also interested in makeup and beauty.

In Australia, I bought used cars (eco cars that can use both LPG gas and gasoline!) And traveled a lot.

On the left side of Australia, I went to Brisbane, Queensland, for 4 weeks to a language school while doing a homestay, but I was not suitable for me, and then I traveled to Cairns towards a car and met various people . I studied language studies and massage while working on the sunny Gold Coast.

I studied oil massage at a school in Gold Coast, Australia. It is already 18 years ago.

Just before returning home, I brought in a toy poodle and returned to Japan. The dog went
to heaven this summer.

It is popular to go to Thailand to study traditional Thai massage in a school in Australia, and I also went to Bangkok in Thailand two days after I returned to Japan. I studied body massage and foot massage in Thailand.

A few years later to study Thai massage further, a few years later, the principal of On’s Thai Massage school in Chiang Mai, Thailand, learned the aroma oil treatment teacher course, and the next year Chinaizan and U-fai, baby massage teacher course Acquired in Chiang Mai.


18 years since I started to work on relaxation massage. I am still studying from now on.

I want to get rid of the fatigue of many people and increase smiles.

Thai-style therapy is deep and can be described as a massage that contains a lot of stretch, but it will change the way you feel the receiver depending on how warm and pressure your hands are.

I want you to feel deeply and relaxed as “healed”.

I do a numerology horoscope, a tarot card horoscope etc.

If you are interested in fortune telling, please call me when you come to the store.

I try to eat healthy food and eat brown rice.

While trying to make it into soap making, I tried not to break the natural environment, but it is a bit by little,

Coexistence with nature as much as we can and peaceful life is our future goal ♪

10:00 to 20:00 (until final reservation acceptance 18:00)

It is recommended to make a reservation after confirmation on the calendar of our website for a fixed holiday.

There is also a time to open an event. Please consult on a business trip.


Retention qualification

Diploma of Remedial body Therapies

(Swedish massage, Remedial massage, Sports massage, Limph drainage body, Reflexology)

・ Shiatsu (Australia style) Acquired in Australia

・ Thai traditional body massage

・ Thai traditional foot massage Obtained from Thailand watpo

・ Japan Association of Aroma Environment Association Aromatherapy Certification Class 1

・ Relaxation work association relaxation therapist 1, second grade general association

・ Usui type Reiki 1.2.3

・ Avandantia Avan Dance Rey

・ Spirit Reiki

・ Fu John

Thai Government Official School On’s Thai Massage School

Aroma Oil Massage Teacher

CineiZan (Like abdomen massage) teacher

U-Fi (after child birth Care) Teacher

・ Natural food coordinator